August 26, 2022


Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 0 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks

Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 0 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks
Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast
Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 0 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks

Aug 26 2022 | 00:36:34


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Dan Servodidio and Pete Cole preview the College Football DFS main slate on Draftkings and FanDuel and give you their favorite plays for Week 0.

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Speaker 0 00:00:00 What's going on, everyone. Welcome into the fantasy alarm college football podcast back here for another season. Pete Cole and me Dan server Dio. We did these last stream last year. If you check those out and we both been playing the college football DFS for a number of years now. So we are well versed in all of this and, uh, happy to have you guys aboard the fantasy alarm team. Pete, how are you doing you ready for week zero? We got coming up on a Saturday. Plenty of games to get to, Speaker 1 00:00:29 Yeah, what's up servo. Uh, it's good to be back. It's just, yeah, I'm still trying to get off the MLB mode into college football, but man, it's really, it's cool because it's something different, you know what I mean? Just it's that anybody that plays MLB it's that drawn out drag every day, anybody that grinds it, and this is a really nice break for a couple days. And I think this is one of the better week zeros we've had. If I remember Speaker 0 00:00:49 It's gonna be good, we got some good, some good games, you know, not a ton of like top 25 programs in action, but some, some good teams overall and, and a couple close ones, which should make for DFS that more interesting, at least a few blowouts, but you know, that's expected with some of these situations, these matchups, by the way, if you are watching this and you are new to a fantasy alarm, go check out the fantasy alarm, all pro subscription. You can get 50% off for the next six months, which is all of NFL and college football, DFS, playbooks seasonal, and through the entire seasons through the super bowl. So it'll cover the entire college football season there, but 50% off for the next six months, promo code NFL 50. So that'll give you access to our playbook. That is upright. Now, if you're watching this for college football where this is the main slate we're going over, but Pete Cole will have the night slate playbook, and we'll be doing this all season. Speaker 0 00:01:45 So hopefully you guys can join along and, and those playbooks, we encourage you to go check those out. Cuz there are more in depth thoughts. This will be kind of a, a quicker preview through each position. The top players, you know, values all that. Those playbooks are gonna have more writeups about different players and more thoughts and, and core plays for, for the slates. So, uh, cash and GPP strategy, all that. I mean, we'll be talking about some of this on here, but we encourage you guys to go check out the playbook and with that, we will get into this slate. So week zero, some great games. I mean, I think that like, you know, we have like a couple of big 10 match up Nebraska, Northwestern right off the bat in Ireland in Ireland's gonna be awesome. It's a kick off the Saturday, early slate here. Speaker 0 00:02:31 And then, you know, a team like Florida state, which is gonna be awesome to watch. I mean, they're playing a cake match up against du K, but I think it'd be cool to watch Florida state and see if they are, you know, back, they got upset by Jacksonville state last year in one of these easy matchups. So they, they are probably itching to get back in there and then some good offenses, Utah state, Western Kentucky on the board. And let's start with quarterbacks here. I think the three that's, you know, people are gonna be choosing from whether it's cash or GPP, Austin Reed, Jordan, Travis and Logan Bonner. I mean, I think, you know, you can go a number of different ways there and they're all similarly priced Jordan. Travis is the guy that, you know, it's, I I'm worried that the blowout factor's gonna come into play far state, but I'm also hoping that he does plenty before he's benched. Right. Speaker 1 00:03:16 That that's my biggest concern with Jordan Travis, is that, is that blowout factor? Yeah, I think, I mean dual threat. That's what you want in college football. I mean college football DF in all. I've been, I've been reading a lot about Travis, especially down here in Florida and especially the way his arms developing. So, and we all know how good a runner he is, but that's my problem is Duque is how and next week they have a big time match up next week. So and who, who are they playing next week? I know I, I actually, I wrote a note down here and of course now I can't find it, but they have a big, they have a big match up next week again, LSU. So yeah. Yeah. How far do they wanna go with Jordan? Travis risking injury before big game at LSU. I mean, you don't wanna lose week two to LSU. So, you know, I mean last week I looked up against UMass, they put against UMass, he threw the ball 10 times reading the ball nine times. Yeah. Is that gonna get it done at eight, eight, 8,000 hundred dollars in DK? No. So that drops him a little bit, but I think he's the most talented quarterback on his late. Speaker 0 00:04:14 Yeah. And then the other factor is that Florida state has CHBA party a transfer now. So it's like they have him in the mix and might want to get him more playing time in the second half, that kind of thing. Yep. And similarly you Logan Bonner for Utah state. So they have Levi Williams in town now and Bonner is coming off. An injury has practiced in fall, but you know, missed all spring camp. And I think, I mean, they're, they're big favorites over Yon here. I think 26 and a half is the, is the latest spread I'm seeing right now, but they are probably gonna be up and up early and often. And, and maybe it's like the situation where Bonner is sitting for part of the second half. So that limits his upside and same situation with Austin reef for Western Kentucky, cuz Western Kentucky is, you know, three touchdown favorites over Austin P and, and probably going to be doing plenty. Speaker 0 00:05:06 I think that is a situation where we'll probably see the starters well into the second half and hopefully Austin P keeps it a little bit closer. I will say like the, the level of blowout it's gonna be Duquesne, getting, getting absolutely killed by Florida state here and then Utah state expected to, to win much bigger than Western Kentucky. So if you're trying to rank those, but you know, the, the, you mentioned the dual threat with Travis, that was something we loved last year from him. And, and basically anytime we have a DFS quarterback for college football, I mean the dual threat is something that puts them above these other guys. But Austin Reed, I mean replacing Bailey's happy at, at Western Kentucky, this offense can be pass, happy, going to be filled with the scoring. And they usually do it through the air. This isn't a team that has a strong run game. So if you're looking to pair, you know, you're get getting Western Kentucky you're, you're looking to pair read with maybe a receiver or two Speaker 1 00:06:01 Austin. And I think you gotta use Austin reading cash. He's nine K Speaker 0 00:06:05 Probably you'll be popular. Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:06:06 He should be a 10 K player. You know, he's division two player. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you I've watched him play and all that. I mean, I've seen some clips of him. He is a talented kid, this, the high octane offense of Florida, what three touchdowns, 2 75, something like that. He's your cash play. And I may go different GBP just because he's gonna be so popular. Don't leave out. My man, Tommy DeVito though, Tommy DeVito was just named, just named starter, Illinois, my man from Syracuse Jersey kid, but he's actually starting so actually good for him. Uh, congrats for him. I honestly, I wasn't sure if he was gonna start, but he's, I will have him in the GDPP somewhere, but I think, I think you're right. I think Reid's the play at cash is gonna be very high owned. Uh, do worry about Bonner. Speaker 1 00:06:47 Bonner is do he's like he's been given the keys to the kingdom now this year, last year, there was a little bit of a committee there, but even Levi there, I think he's, you know, he's the main guy, but to me it's all about Austin Reed, maybe some Jordan, Trey, Travis, and GPS, and then rest of these other guys, we got all, all these committees and stuff, right. I mean even the Austin P game and we, the Austin P team quarterback committee, right. As of right now, which Sheldon layman, he just start, but delay was gonna come in at some point 60, 40. I think I saw. Speaker 0 00:07:15 Yeah, I'm staying away from that anyway, but yeah, I mean the only, so the only guy lower down the quarterback list would be Casey Thompson for Nebraska. I'm sure Speaker 1 00:07:23 Your thoughts on him. Speaker 0 00:07:24 Yeah. I mean, so if you followed college football at all, you know what the situation with Nebraska is, they got mark Whipple over from Pitt their offensive coordinator and we Speaker 1 00:07:32 Offensive OC. Speaker 0 00:07:34 Yeah. We also, Kenny picket turned into a first round quarterback in the draft because of that offense and Jordan Addison, one of the best talents now he's gone. But so we got Whipple over Nebraska and they also bring in, so Casey Thompson transferred from Texas. They also brought in Marcus Washington transferred from Texas Trey Palmer. That's interesting. Yeah. Washington on the slate for sure. Yeah. We'll get to receivers soon. But the, the Trey Palmer from LSU, a, a guy that's gonna be, you know, rumored to be in that Jordan Addison slot role for, for this offense now. So this offense should be much better passing wise. And this is, this is no longer Adrian Martinez that quarterback for Nebraska, who was always a question mark for us, for DFS, but in real life too, just costing them games left and right. Speaker 1 00:08:18 Oh, we, I, there are days I lived and died by him too, but Speaker 0 00:08:22 I mean, he was, he was good for DFS. He had that dual threat ability, but also would, you know, fumble in the fourth quarter and then the real life that would cost Nebraska. But also for DFS, it might, you know, move you down a few spots in the context, Speaker 1 00:08:35 A couple points, but I what's it, but I think Thompson's problem was his thumb. If I remember correctly, I think for Speaker 0 00:08:42 Last year. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:08:43 Yeah. And I kind of bothered him all season. So I guess he's pretty much back full, ready to go. So I think that's a decent call that could actually be one of my top. That would be one of my top. I, my top G plays. I mean, Speaker 0 00:08:54 He's, I mean, he, the price is really good on drafting 7,200. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:08:58 Hammer tracks, Virginia. That's gonna be a, Speaker 0 00:09:01 I think, I think Thompson might be more roster because he is cheaper. Just that, that simple fact, I mean, Travis people might go to Travis in cash games. I'm trying to, to decide if people will. Yeah. Yeah. The closer game. So Nebraska is, I mean, the line has moved a bunch, but looks like about Speaker 1 00:09:19 12, 13, I 13. What I'm mean? Speaker 0 00:09:22 Yeah. It's moved a lot, but you know, 14 I'm seeing so it's, it could be going back and forth, but, but remain close enough that this won't be a blowout for sure. I mean, it was last year when Nebraska played Northwestern, but I think the fact that this game's in Ireland, it's, you know, it's, there's no home field advantage for either squad. And I think just conference game right off the bay, I think it's just gonna be a tighter game in general so that, yeah, but Nebraska and we'll get to a couple receivers. We mentioned Washington Palmer as possible pairings with Thompson. If you wanna go that route. The other guy I have to mention UN L V's quarterback situation is, is a very interesting, so they have an, an either or listed on their depth chart. We got Doug BMK Speaker 1 00:10:03 Brimfield once your runner runs a password. Speaker 0 00:10:05 Yeah. Harrison Bailey, but Bailey on draft Kings is 4,500. So if we, and this game is at three 30 Eastern, so we will have a couple games that already kicked off, but if we're talking like super flex and you want to go, you know, we get word that Bailey is the starter. I mean, they might split time, but if Bailey starts at 4,500, it's gonna be hard to pass up, especially in cash, if he's gonna be very, very chalky, you know? So that, that's the name to keep an eye on. You might wanna just avoid the situation altogether, cuz it could Speaker 1 00:10:35 Be who was a four star too? This belly kid. Yeah. T's from Tennessee. I Speaker 0 00:10:39 Believe Tennessee transfer. Yeah. So I mean, so it's interesting because he was kind of expected to win the, the starting job this summer and pretty, you know, going away, but they haven't named him the starter, you know, Bromfield, it's a hold over. He was hurt part of last year, but Cameron Freel is also kind played last year. So yeah. And U L V. So the other thing is with this game, like the other U N L V is big favorites over Idaho state should be a blowout win. So we'll see, we might see both quarterbacks at some point. So maybe Bailey doesn't start, but he comes into the game or vice versa with Bromfield. So just keep that in mind, but you have to, I mean, 4,500, you know, mid price for a quarterback. So just obviously keep that in mind. Speaker 1 00:11:22 One more comment, I guess before we get outta quarterback. Yeah. Is if you're over playing fan, you got, you got the Perry, Chris Reynolds matchup. I've I've I played Chris res a lot last year in DFS. Yeah. I liked that game FA U Charlotte. So that'll be more on my, my night safe for DK, but if you're playing Fandule don't sleep on. Either of them I'll be more pairing to match up. I think Perry's decent. I mean last year, if we had Ford, Russian touchdowns or 2,700 yards, 20 touchdowns in the air, I think Perry's a good spot for, for Fandule. And he is coming much cheaper than Bonner, much cheaper, a couple like three grand cheaper in Austin Reed. So that's that's for these fan players. Speaker 0 00:11:57 Yeah, the, yeah. And I, it, it's interesting that that game is on the fan slate because yeah, you mentioned it's gonna be the night slate for draft king. So if you are on Fandel, we'll get to a couple other guys from that game. That's you've gotta keep in mind because people will be on that game, that game total right around 60. And it's only, you know, a one score favorite to U team. So it's gonna be a close game back and forth probably tons of offense. Speaker 1 00:12:18 So you're on Fido. I would be playing either of those guys over George Travis. Speaker 0 00:12:22 Yeah. And yeah, you mentioned the pricing. They're both pretty solidly priced. They're both below Casey Thompson, for example, on that slate, then let's go to a running backs. And by the way, on Fandor Harrison Bailey is priced up to 7,500. I think they waited to release their pricing to, to kind of get a better idea, but draft Kings had this out a little bit earlier, so he's mid priced on there. So just, you know, don't miss him in the player queue. If we get word and this we'll be by the way, we'll be in the discord on Saturdays answering questions for you guys. And uh, if you have an all pro subscription to fancy alarm, you can access that discord. And it's a big thing for, for us on Saturdays, Pete, I mean, or for all sports, for every DFS you play. I mean, we're the whole fantasy alarm squad is in there answering questions, lineup up advice, injury news, especially on Saturday mornings is huge for us because we get, we get something five minutes before kickoff that this player's out and it could be a huge factor. So, you know, being there with us and last year we did the live stream and had the discord going, but I think it'll be a little bit interesting to just be in the discord and give you guys that info right away. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:13:28 It'll be a much more helpful this year without the live show. Speaker 0 00:13:30 Yeah. Yeah. So if we get again, if we get word on Saturday that, that Bailey's the starter, just keep an eye on that. All right. Running backs here, we got, you know, Calvin Tyler Jr for Utah state chase brown for Illinois are the top two guys overall. And I think people will be choosing between them. I don't know about rostering, both for cash, but I, I think you can go either way. I mean, Tyler again with Utah state, they have the blowout factor here, you know, should win big over Yukon. But again, he could have, you know, two touchdowns and, you know, 25 fantasy points before he is even before he is outta the game. So it's, that's the, the interesting situation there. Chase brown though, should be fed the rock. You mentioned DeVito, got the start getting the start for Illinois. I think maybe they are still a little run heavy with that offense and against Wyoming, they, they should win pretty handedly. I think here at home, Wyoming's offense going through some transition. So I think chase brown is a, is a solid play for cash. You, it is. It's gonna be a safe one. And I I'm interested to see how much he's rostered compared to Tyler. Speaker 1 00:14:38 Yeah. I, I love running back on his slate. I really do. I could make a case for chase brown or mere Johnson or Tyler and we didn't get to aid Robins yet, but my two bank guys, of course chase brown. And when I get to Wyoming, they, they were allowing like 180 plus on the ground last year. I think I, to me personally, I think brown was brown is a better choice than Tyler on the slate. I think it's just tough to cha to Fay chase brown, especially with their new offensive coordinator was a Barry Looney who pretty much ran sincere McCormick into the ground. And we, we could see these guys run 40 times, uh, tomorrow or yeah, tomorrow. So chase brown could see the ball a lot, which also may put in a guy might put in a play, a guy like a Joray behind him who, you know, brown is 30 touches. Speaker 1 00:15:22 I could see chase, you know, McCray coming in and getting 15 touches or something, but they're gonna run the ball a lot. So Brown's my guy, but Ramir Johnson, Ramirez Johnson, to me. He just, he's one of those guys. That's very, I'm very curious about him. He kind of like, I was actually reading, he kind of made his, he kinda made his own position. He's been kinda like running a lot of the slot too. Yeah. So he kind of gave himself his own position name. I, I can't, I saw it somewhere when I was researching before, but he got reme Johnson sitting there. I think Ramir Johnson at 5,400. You really can't sleep on that either. And, uh, Northwestern was real bad last year on the ground. So I'm gonna play Johnson and brown over tower. I not, I would never tell anybody not to play Calvin tower tomorrow either because tower's a gonna play probably eight one notes. It's a lot of money when I could be when, when I can get reir five, four. And then right now I have cheese Broca. Tyler. Yeah. I guess what I'm trying to say. Speaker 0 00:16:16 Yeah. I mean, so brown it's interesting cuz brown is $200 less than Tyler on draft Kings, but he's $1,200 less on Fank. So they got Tyler priced up there. So brown, definitely a better player on fando if you're looking there and I think draft Kings, I think we're both leaning there, but you know, going back to the Nebraska backfield, this is gonna be, I think this is a headache this week. I like Johnson too. That price is very good, but they have, I mean, I, I was reading reports too, so they have possibly four or five running backs that could get snaps in this game. Anthony Grant is a, is a Juco transfer that apparently been looking very good. And he's got the, or designation with Johnson among the starters. I think so. It's okay. That's that's gonna be interesting, but as you mentioned, Johnson could be the pass pension guy and, and then, you know, PPR, we love that. So I think it, you know, choosing between the two I'd go Johnson, for sure. Over grant grant is very much priced up on draft Kings. And I think until we get some clarity, you can't pre pay, uh, 6,700 to roster grant there. Speaker 1 00:17:18 No, absolutely not. No, absolutely not. I'll be playing reir over grant. Uh, but grant, what, you know, grant grant was a ti you know, here's a big Jule back too. So can, can you get Calvin, Tyler, can you get Tyler in your same lineup with chase brown? You may, because there's a lot of values, a lot of value at wide receiver and there's even a couple, some value here. We haven't, we haven't gotten U N L E kid. Yeah. Right. If we can, Speaker 0 00:17:40 But yeah. And by the way, Johnson, I mean, you could put him, like you were saying, like in your flex, if you wanna go Tyler Brown and Johnson as like your cheaper flex, that can work and we, yeah, you mentioned, so we got some value at receiver, but the value running back, I mean, he is gonna be very popular on draftings and, and just kind of a free square. And that's Aidan Robbins, the Louisville transfer who's been named the starter for U N L V. It it's just a situation where you guys, I mean, you gotta play in cash, right? I mean, you could fade him in GPP, but 3,300 in draft Kings, you gotta play him there. He's priced, he's priced up to 7,300 on Fandel. So more of a decision there, but he's the lead back for a Unal team. That's, that's favored by four touchdowns around so, or three or four touchdowns. So it's gonna be, he should get a plenty of work and probably finds the end zone once or twice. So just don't think twice about it in the draft Kings cash games. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:18:35 Yeah. And it's a lock when you got price like this, I just made a lineup. As you were talking, I made a lot of like two minutes and where you can get brown and Tyler in your lineup together with Aiden Robins in Austin Reed. So there's enough value, which kind of worries me too. Cause it may see a lot of chalk tomorrow. We might wanna be different, but Robins Robin's is the play. Since we sell what Charles Williams did at you wanna NLB last year and even Robins doesn't play much. You know? I mean, once again, it's, he's not a block for 25 touches at $3,300. It's not much, I mean, it's not, it's not gonna bump your slate if, you know, if something happens, he doesn't get the, the work all which we think he's gonna get. Speaker 0 00:19:10 Yeah. And then fando just to go back to that if you're playing over there. So it is more of a decision 7,300, is this price, I mean, compared to, you know, chase brown is 8,800, as we were talking about Ramirez Johnson still cheap on that site, 5,300, but 7,300, I think, you know, he's still, he's still pretty, fairly priced compared to other top backs on the slate as a, you know, lead back for a big favorite. So, but yeah, so that's, I do like that. The other guy, when I'm talking about is thaw ward from Florida state. So the Florida state back field kind of it, it's tough to get a read on this too. We, you know, we're talking about big, big favorites here over Duquesne. So multiple guys will get carries. It's just a matter of what a guy like thaw ward as the lead back is gonna do before he's benched, before they start running Trey Benson out there, who's also very talented, but just he's too expensive, especially on drafting 6,500. But you know, you also got Lawrence Tofe who's the other, you know, co starter running back, but kind of the, a different guy than, than ward. And I think, you know, thaw ward was really good when he got in there last year behind Jashaun Corbin. But I think ward at 6,100 is something you gotta consider, cuz that's pretty cheap for a guy that could easily go for 25 30 draftings points. If he, if he's at his ceiling, you know what I mean? So Speaker 1 00:20:28 Totally, totally agree. There. Four state runners never been good to me. You know who I, one other name I'm I think is gonna get work. Even though look at north, the only people I'd be looking at at Northwestern is gonna be Evan hall at 6,300, uh I'm I'm expecting 15, 20 carries, but you got cam Porter back now. Cam Porter missed all 2021, but 2020, he was a teams leading rusher. So he's there. But I do think that Evan hall, I think is a good spot. G is, but I he's one of my favorite GPS on slate, Evan hall. I can see hall Evan, decent game here against Nebraska, not even running port Porter as a pivot, but don't sleep on hold this week at a G. Speaker 0 00:21:08 Yeah. Yeah. You definitely gotta keep an eye on him. Even like Titu SW from Wyoming. I mean, I won't play him, but he Speaker 1 00:21:14 Also, that's a really good call. Speaker 0 00:21:15 You should get plenty of, of work. So if you were just looking for volume, I mean, he, he will get it. So, but I won't go there and cash, but yeah, like GPP could definitely go there. Speaker 1 00:21:24 That's a good call. Cause we know that, you know, Wyoming likes to run the ball too. Speaker 0 00:21:28 Yeah. They had validate there. Speaker 1 00:21:30 So Speaker 0 00:21:31 I mean yeah, a different situation. I just think, I don't know how much they're gonna have the ball. Cuz like Illinois we talked about is gonna run at a ton and they got, they just have the better, you know, home field advantage offense in this situation. So I just, I'm worried about the Wyoming offense in general, Sowan, you know, type ofWe might get 20 touches, but how much is he actually gonna do with him? So that, that's what I would worry about. But yeah. So, alright, let's go to receiver here. You know, if we're just looking at the top of the price list, we got Western Kentucky's Malachi Corley at the top, which is a really interesting situation. So this, this offense loses Tinsley and Sterns from last year's team and they were both studs for DFS and in real life, just racking up a ton of yards. So Corley is the guy that, that should be moving into that top spot, but just to go through Western Kentucky's offense. So if you're playing Austin Reed and you're looking to pair one or two of these guys, there's a ton of ways you can go Jalen hall Speaker 1 00:22:29 Too many Speaker 0 00:22:30 Ways. Yeah. There's too many ways. Honestly, Jalen hall is an interesting guy, but maybe priced up a little bit much until we see what his true role is. But yep. He's a guy I loved at Western Michigan. So he could easily emerge as the top guy for Reed. And you know, maybe down the line, we play him more over quarterly, but Corey's good. I mean he's top returning guy from this, from this offense. So he is, he can't be ignored Matherson and Simon are in that midrange I think are our option Simon, the tight end could be a top target for Reid as well, but Matherson also maybe more a cash option there. But I think the name everyone's gonna go to is day wood Davis. He's just priced way too low, 4,800. Right. Gonna be chalky and cash for sure. So, and he's also one of the top returning guys from last year. So I mean he, he's more of a big play guy, so he, he might be more boomer bust than you'd think. But I think he gets enough work in this, in this environment to, to easily return that, that price tag. Speaker 1 00:23:27 Yeah. Da Davis is gonna be anybody's cash line up. Yeah. You know that, like you said, I'm interested in Joshua. Simon's big, tight end he's back. He was really good there before he got, before he got hurt. Right? Yeah. Out if I remember last year, so Speaker 0 00:23:42 Yeah. He missed pretty much the whole year. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:23:44 I mean any of these guys and this whole team, like guy like Stearns at Tampa banal, he had Mitchell Kinsley last year who was at Penn state. This is a, these guys produced talented receivers and all these guys, Jalen hill, they said, Bathon one other name. Well, I think that may fly under their radar. A little bit is Davin Smith at 3,500, I think Dobin Smith's in a good spot. And I think he may be one of the lowest owned of all those receivers. I mean he had a complimentary role last year. I'm assuming he gonna get more of a role this year, but he's my one sneaky play. We all saw Jay and hall at Western Michigan. We, you know, explosive. He is, but we that's gonna a problem on his slate though. As I think like any other sport, you start playing these chalky guys. Speaker 1 00:24:26 It's the first week of college level. We have no idea where you know where these coaches are thinking the problem is gonna score so many points. But man, I mean, I would like to start looking possibly at some other other teams too. Like on, on the other side, on the other side, the field there, Jay MCCR I think Jay McCray is way too cheap. Yeah. But good call to me. He's to me he's lock, MACRA's more of a locking cash in Davis, but I just don't know, know how much Davis, you know, we don't know it's haw could get all the throwers. I mean that in cam Simon's can we think Davis is gonna be one of the guys, Corey is gonna be a slot guy in a stern roll and Davis is gonna be more of the Tinsley role. The grand slam guy I'm thinking, but we don't know. Speaker 1 00:25:05 I, we haven't seen a game yet. So sometimes listens GPS might be different to go start looking elsewhere. Dre, McCray. You're one of your ex, Maryland guys, Brian Cobbs, who I'm very interested in, you know? Yeah. You know what I mean? Then I got a surprise play Duque I wanna bring up before one, the value place. Oh Isaiah Williams. So you know, now I'm starting name on receivers, but I guess I'm saying I don't wanna get too tied into these west Kentucky receivers because we don't know. Yeah. We're thinking, you know, CORs stern day wood day is a 10, zero old, whatever Josh, Joshua Simon comes in. We all know how good, how good Jalen hall is. So may not think it's gonna be tomorrow. Speaker 0 00:25:41 Yeah. I think a GPP can obviously go with any of these guys and I think any of 'em could catch definitely any of 'em could catch two touchdowns. So there's that aspect. But yeah, like you're saying there's so much value on this slate that you don't need to play, you know, like Simon or hall, I think until we see exactly what the situation is, cuz you know, new quarterback re Austin Reed, he could have, you know, he didn't throw to these guys last year. He could have any favorite receiver that might emerge in this first game. And, and we just don't know that right now. I mean the practice reports are, will only tell you so much of who's starting and all that, but you know, it could be easily be like you were saying, Davin Smith could be Reed's favorite target and all of a sudden he's the guy. So it's Speaker 1 00:26:24 Zach Kiley's gone too. We don't, we don't know. I mean, Tyson Helton pretty much ran that he ran the airport like, like a NFL, coach's running a free agent draft. But um, with kit Kiley's gone to Texas tech. We don't think there's, there's gonna be changes there. Yeah. So I just don't wanna get too locked into all these rest of Kentucky guys. We, we're not positive where these guys are gonna go, but in Pandora I think think J hall is Simon are two guys are too cheap on Vandal if you're playing on pal. Speaker 0 00:26:47 Yeah. Yeah. Good call. Yeah. I mean just like looking at those prices, I mean you were talking about someone like, like da David Davis is priced up to 7,800, like that's a 3000 difference between that draftings and the fando and Dre McCray on the other side, 7,500. So he's also priced up, but let's, let's talk about that Utah state, cuz you've mentioned Brian Cobbs, a Maryland transfer now, coming over there. So this, this receiving core lost a ton from last year, just like kind of like Western Kentucky, but Devon Tomkins, you know, a top NFL draft prospect. That's now over there, but Brandon bowling, Derek Wright both also gone from this receiving course. So that's the top three receivers and this is an offense that, you know, throws a bunch, but is very prolific and it's, it's a scoring but passing game overall. So some of these guys are gonna return value for sure. Speaker 0 00:27:35 Justin McGriff is the hold the, the, to hop, hold over. So he is the priced up to 6,800 on draft Kings. But I think that's tough to pay for him compared to like Brian Cobbs. Who's probably gonna do similarly, but you know, costs a lot less. The guy I, I I'm looking at Kyle van Lewin even I think is how you say it, but he is supposedly gonna start in the slot. It's an or designation with nine I Davis. So that's another name 3,900 on draftings you can look at, but van Lewin has been apparently been having a good connection with Bonner and is, is the guy in the slot. So I think 4,200, it's not a lot of risk there to roster him. So yeah, the, I mean the, the ton of options you can go here. I think for, for the Utah state offense, if you're looking to pair with Bonner, Speaker 1 00:28:25 I think mcg Griff's gonna be the popular play. That's why I would probably lean Brian Cobbs myself. Yeah. And I just think Cobb's a pretty talented receiver and factor there too, you know? So we don't know, uh, you know, I I'm looking at the other game one, the name I didn't mention was Robert Burns. Robert Burns on Yukon X, X hurricane. So, uh, running back GPO only, but as a dart, never know, I just saw U coms. I had no interest in Yukon at all aside. Robert Burns home, not Speaker 0 00:28:49 The case. Yeah. And he had, so he's gonna be the starter in that offense. I mean, yeah. Like that's a situation where it's Speaker 1 00:28:56 Yukon's Speaker 0 00:28:57 Yeah. You, you don't know how much Yukon is gonna be running the ball maybe early in the game, but you know, late in the game, if they're trailing, it might not be a ton of work for him. But, but now that we're talking about that, I mean, Kean Marion is a cheap guy on Yukon's offense. If you think they're gonna be passing a lot in the end of the, and Speaker 1 00:29:14 They're gonna be, I'm assuming it, I mean, they got something Speaker 0 00:29:16 They're gonna be, yeah. Aaron, Turner's another cheap guy. If you're looking at the, the Yukon receiving core, just to, I wanna go back to the Nebraska. Cause we, we talked about them. If you're looking to pair someone with Casey Thompson, so Trey Palmer is the LSU transfer. Who's who's apparently gonna be in the slot and, and where Jordan and Addison excelled last year in that pit mark Whipple offense. So I think at him it's 6,200. I'd much rather play him on draft Kings than Omar Manning. We don't know what Manning's role is gonna be yet. I mean, he's priced like he's the top receiver, but I don't think that's gonna be the case. A and again, this is a new quarterback situation. So we'll see who Thompson likes throwing to Marcus Washington is the name we've mentioned earlier, Texas transfer. That's Speaker 1 00:30:00 What just be that Marcus Washington, Speaker 0 00:30:02 I think he's gonna be popular right in cash Speaker 1 00:30:04 Because they, they I'm assuming they came there together. They both transferred from the same school to there. So there's gotta be some kind of connection. Right. I, I would think if Marcus Washington had had some kind of issue with Casey would Casey Thompson, you know what I mean? Or he didn't like the throw tone. I sure as hell didn't think he would be transferring the same college. Yeah. He wouldn't be there. Right. So to me it makes, I think it's more of a positive on there where there are friends and Marcus Washington, $3,000. I do like Trey Palmer. I think Palmer's a great spot. I think Palmer's the guy personally, but I think Marcus Washington may be one of the guy that comes out having a big game. I just think that's that connection that he went there for a reason, I think, Speaker 0 00:30:40 Yeah, he's too cheap. And if you look back, I wrote about this in the playbook, but you can see the specific stats there, but uh, the two games that he had his best, his two best games last year, Washington were two of the games that, uh, Thompson had his best games when he was, you know, healthy, not dealing with that thumb injury and not splitting work and that at that quarterback there. So it's kind of matched up where those two kind of paired off and had both had good connection there. So they, they have that report already. So that's, that's a huge thing to look here. So they, I, I do like I do like him at 3,800 a lot. I mean, that's gonna be hard to get away from. I think if you're looking for salary, especially below 4k, we love these receivers that are below 4k. Speaker 0 00:31:22 So I wanna move over to the Florida states receiving core quickly here, Mike Pitman, the Oregon transfer comes over. He's priced up at 7,500 draftings but I do think he's gonna be the top receiver. He's, you know, he's their kicker returner, their punt returner. He's gonna be their top guy. It's just a matter of, again, his connection with Jordan, Travis, you know, we, we keep talking about it, but it's, it's a thing. I mean, we don't know who he's because he played with some of these guys last year. Travis did, but Pitman comes over as a transfer. So, you know, maybe Speaker 1 00:31:53 He, Fred, the coach talk is crazy about Michael Pitman this year. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:31:56 They're hying him up. Yeah, Speaker 1 00:31:57 Very hying him up. They, they said he's had one, the best camps they see in him quite a while. I mean, this guy's been pretty much, pretty much a stiff coming. I mean, from Oregon, I mean, he is not been good. He's done. I mean he's best season was 2019, but they're praising this kid. Maybe he's a reason they're doing it, but Michael Pitton is also my favorite. My favorite call there too. And G only, I think he's a seven, seven or seven five, but I'm glad, I'm glad you brought Pitman up. So I didn't know if to bring him, bring him up and I forgot. So I like that call to G Speaker 0 00:32:22 Yeah. He's a bit expensive to play in cash on this slate, especially the blowout factor. I mean, he could have, he could have two catches and then, you know, far states up by 30 and then all of a sudden he's not really on the field. So yeah, it it's a risk there for sure. But yeah. So yeah, he's the other guys in this, they have a lot of either or listings on the depth chart. So I think it's hard to trust any of 'em in cash gains, but you could take a chance GPP. One of 'em could score touchdown return value. Um, you know, like Johnny Wilson at 41 hundreds, a, a guy to look at transfer from Arizona state Speaker 1 00:32:53 GDP play. Yep. Speaker 0 00:32:54 Yeah. He was solid for us that we played him when he was area Arizona state. So I think he's a bit too cheap for, for what he, he could end up being, you know, a top target for Travis who knows. So, uh, I wanna get to your Duque guy that you, that you hyped up there cuz I, I wanna say, so I wrote up the playbook and I mean, I saw all these guys, but in my mind, I'm like, I just don't know. I, I feel like Duque I just get, you know, they could get shut out in this case. Oh they, Speaker 1 00:33:21 I mean they very well could be. Speaker 0 00:33:22 Yeah. Maybe, but, but like you're about, probably about to say one of their guys could catch five, six passes in return value. So who is it? Speaker 1 00:33:30 This is like your co, remember your call last year, the Maryland tight end. Was it Maryland tight end? Speaker 0 00:33:34 Oh conk. Speaker 1 00:33:35 Yeah. You had that call in seven. He had a huge Speaker 0 00:33:38 Camp right now. Speaker 1 00:33:40 Yeah, you're right. Yep. That was a big, he was a big money maker that day. So that was one that was one of your best calls the year, last year. But everybody's gonna be looking at joy Isabella. Of course. Andy's brother. Yeah. So, and I think people, so when people see Isabella, they're gonna be, think of Andy and they're gonna hit it, whatever, you know, and once again, positive game, game shift, fall point behind. But I'm interested in this once again. Well, from my Alma mater too, is Dwayne minders who transferred from Marist and oh, okay. I've been reading a lot about men. I remember when he was at, at Marist, he was very good. Very good receiver. Once again, you know, just that division one there though, but I've seen a lot of comparisons to Justin, Jefferson, people talking about Mendes. He's the guy, men, men Jr. Speaker 1 00:34:18 He's gonna fly right under the radar. And so once again, you're making 20 lineups. I'm gonna get benders in a couple of them just for a chance, but it's more of a gut play too, but don't sleep on. If you're gonna play anybody from decay, I'll be playing Meers over Isabella and everything. I, I think he's gonna get, definitely's gonna get, he's gonna get some receptions. He's gonna get some walks. And not that, not that ISAB bell is a star either. So members is, is like five 11 is 1 70, 45 receptions, like three, I got 525 yards last year. So he's a slot receiver. Speaker 0 00:34:51 Yeah. I mean, yeah. Slot slot guys can rack up, you know, six catches and, and be a, be a solid play. Interesting there. I like that. So, yeah. And, and you mentioned, so, I mean, he's gonna be very much less popular than in that same price ranges on draft Kings, you know, Dawood Davis. We were talking about earlier Dre, McCree. Oh Speaker 1 00:35:10 Definitely. Speaker 0 00:35:10 Yeah. Kean Marion, probably all gonna be more popular than someone like Meers Jr. So people like me will be staying away from duke Kings. So. All right. Well, I, I mean, that's about it. Any other guys that we didn't touch on that uh, you wanted to get to? Speaker 1 00:35:24 Yeah. I was just looking to see if we, to see if we missed anybody on the whole slate that I had marked. I don't think I like, I like the slate. I think it's gonna be a better GP P slate, but I think a lot of people are gonna get, are gonna be let down in chalk, which we're not sure how somebody's watching Kentucky guys are gonna go. But at the end of the day though, I think it's gonna be a pretty good slate. I had no for Robert Burns. We talked about Robert Burns. Yeah. For, for UON G P only. I think we pretty much, I think we did pretty much hit everybody. I wanted to. Speaker 0 00:35:54 All right. I think Speaker 1 00:35:54 We're good. Speaker 0 00:35:55 Well, appreciate you guys checking us out again. The full playbook will be on fantasy alarm and you know, subscribe to the all pro account. As we mentioned earlier, promo code NFL 50 for 50% off for the next six months, Pete Cole we'll have tonight slate playbook for this week, zero slate and all season long will be helping you guys win. So hit us up in the discord on Twitter, whatever it be, check out our playbooks and, and good luck, Pete. Good luck to you. And we'll be doing it again next week. Right Speaker 1 00:36:24 Before, you know, we'll be talking, saying we can't believe the season's over with so I know, right? <laugh> this is it. Week zero. Ready to go? Yeah. Speaker 0 00:36:30 Well, good luck everyone. Good luck guys. See you guys checking us out. See ya.

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