September 09, 2022


Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 2 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks

Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 2 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks
Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast
Fantasy Alarm College Football DFS Podcast: Week 2 DraftKings & FanDuel Top Picks

Sep 09 2022 | 00:58:16


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Dan Servodidio and Pete Cole preview the College Football DFS main slate on Draftkings and FanDuel and give you their favorite plays for Week 2.

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Speaker 0 00:00:02 What's up everyone. Welcome into the fantasy alarm college football podcast here, video and audio portion for you guys for week two, we got week two full slate of games on Saturday. Um, here with Pete Cole. I'm Dan Serbo did, if you check this out in week zero, um, took a break last week, but we were back and, and we'll be doing this every week for you guys kind of given a preview of the main slate and, uh, we we'll be doing other slates too for these video previews, but, uh, Pete, how are you doing? And you know, very good full slate of games last week for week one, right? <laugh> Speaker 1 00:00:37 Yeah, what's up Dan? Um, yeah, it's, it's kind of like a breath of fresh air this week because it was crazy last week and we went what from Thursday to Monday between the showdowns and all the slates and yeah, it was a little overwhelming and it's just nice now to be able to sit down and actually look at a slate without rushing through it. So it's, uh, I'm looking forward to it. Big, big slate though. Speaker 0 00:00:55 Yeah, it was busy last week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, all day. Um, only two games on Friday night. So I think it'll be a lot easier this week, but uh, pretty soon we'll be having the, the Mac Tuesday, Wednesday, uh, action going on. So yeah, Speaker 1 00:01:10 That's fun though. Speaker 0 00:01:11 Yeah, that, yeah, that'll be, that'll be fun. <laugh> um, but yeah, this slate is gonna be great. And, and by the way, if you're wa watching this, um, go check out the co full college football DFS [email protected] that we have for you will be, you know, this will be for the main slate, but, uh, Pete will be having the full night slate playbook out for you guys. Uh, so, you know, build those lineup, I know sandals and all day, uh, main slate. They also have the, the night contests. So if you're trying to build line there and look at both of our playbooks, uh, go there, but the, the fantasy alarm all pro subscription will help you access all that, um, for NFL and college football season. So just in time for your NFL, for your, if you're trying to play DFS for that. So, uh, but go check that out, um, and, uh, win with me and Pete all, all season, but getting into this playbook here, uh, or this, uh, this main slate for the, for the Saturday week two, um, let's just start with Alabama because that is the, the game that, you know, Bryce young is the most expensive player on both slates, um, at the top of quarterback. Speaker 0 00:02:18 And I'm wondering for, for you, like, how much are you looking at him for cash or GPP? How popular do you think he'll be compared to, you know, we got a lot of cheaper quarterbacks that we can get to, um, in a second here, but just Bryce young specifically, because Bama should put it on Texas, right? <laugh> Speaker 1 00:02:38 Yeah. And if it's interesting, because Texas keeps it close, then we got, you know, then we got some Texas guys like, like B Rob to look at, but yeah, um, he's surprised and he really did surprise us last week with, with the running. I mean, he was Utah state. I had a blanket cuz Utah state, he ran on here five times for a hundred yards. And, and if you look back his whole stat line, because 2021 was 81 carries for zero yards. So that really surprised us. And it took away, you know, lot of activity from Gibbs and all that. And I think young is gonna come back. He's the highest, he's the, his highest price quarterback. Right? So yeah, he's gonna come in, I think, lower owned, but he could also end up the highest, obviously the highest scoring quarterback of his slate. And I probably won't get to him my cash, but I end up getting him some GPS because I lost out last week. I didn't use 'em at all. And I said to myself, that's not gonna happen again. So, you know, they're going to 40 acres against Texas in same school. It took, you know, Steve SAR away from Nick Saban. So I think, you know, it's gonna be a good game and that, that Texas defense, especially the back end is not good. Speaker 1 00:03:49 Yeah. So, you know, I, I obviously some receivers there too, but young, I think end up probably the highest, highest scoring quarterback, other slate in you don't wanna sleep on 'em, but I'm not sure if you can really get to 'em in cash. Speaker 0 00:04:02 Yeah. The, the on draft Kings, the ten two price tag is very expensive. Um, and like I said, especially as we, we get into some of these cheaper quarterbacks that people will be playing in cash games, for sure. But GPP, I mean, Bryce young, you saw it last week, as you mentioned, uh, you know, five touchdowns through the air, another rushing touchdown, a hundred rushing yards. He had a, he had a long rush there to help him get to there. But I, I mean the Alabama offense is just gonna be, you know, uh, funneling around him, whether it's running or passing it. So, you know, Jamir Gibbs is, you know, I would like to play him on a slate like this, but I just don't know how much the Alabama offense is gonna kind of give him the, uh, the, the, the ball. Um, it's not, this is not Naji Harris. I think so. Speaker 1 00:04:49 And I got the feeling though, because I used Gibbs a lot last week that I know if I don't use 'em this week, I'm gonna be winding all Saturday saying I didn't use Gibbs this week and this is the week this is gonna be coming out week. So I, I just have a funny feeling on that. Speaker 0 00:05:03 Yeah. But on draftings I mean, he's so he is the most expensive running back. Yeah. Let's just, let's just go through Bama right now. I mean, so draftings, yeah, he is the most expensive running back and we'll get to some of these other cheaper guys, so, but you're right. I mean, he could go off for, you know, a hundred plus rushing yards and multiple touchdowns and, and all of a sudden he is one of the best running backs. So, but I, I think GPP is where, where if, if you wanna play him in tournaments, go for it. Yeah. Um, Speaker 1 00:05:30 Totally, totally agree. Speaker 0 00:05:31 Yeah. But then, so then just looking at the running the wide receivers for Alabama, um, you know, Burton and Holden were the two top guys for Bryce young last week, they both caught it two touchdowns. Um, they're getting cam late to back. The tight end, um, you know, was a top, uh, receiver. I think he had eight touchdowns all last year. Um, so he's cheap. You could look at if you want a cheap option for the bam offense, but if you're looking to like pair up a receiver, it's probably Burton or Holden, um, for those like tournaments for, if you're playing Bryce young, you could play one of them as a one off. But I think the bam offense is until we get a couple more games of sample size, I feel like it's, you know, it can end up being Kobe Prentice who scores twice this game or, or Tyler HARs back for them this week. So maybe he scores twice. So it's, I feel like it's a very volatile situation until we see two or three more games to see how the pecking order shakes out. Speaker 1 00:06:28 Agree. We know we don't about Burton. I mean, one, one national championship, Georgia, and then he has a transfer portal. And why, because Georgia doesn't showcase their weapons, you know, by design, but I'm, I am interested in Trey Andon, Holden as the number two. Uh, we, we pretty much all the w R w R two S at Bama have been studs. Yep. Besides you, you know, when with when Jay and waddle got hurt and then, uh, Smith pretty much took over, but they've always had these productive wr two S and yeah, yeah. 50, 50, 70, and two last week. If I can get that many targets again, like, you know, like he got last week and I was just saying that that Texas backend is bad. I'd have no problem going, taking a little bit of discount going withholden, but I just looking the Texas defense last, last year, they gave up 224 yards per game ranking number 62 in, in nation, you intercept like seven passes. So I like Holden, no problem going Burton. Burton's a stud. Um, but you got to pay for him. And, uh, I think Holden would be my guy. And yeah. Then he said, maybe look at a couple, these, the, uh, the touch at the tight end there for, um, ate two, right Speaker 0 00:07:44 Late two. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:07:45 Late two, somebody like that. But, um, right now Holden's my guy. Speaker 0 00:07:49 Yeah. Yeah. Holden, definitely. If you're choosing between that, him and Burton, I mean, the, the, the savings on draftings for sure is, is where you want to go there. Um, and then, yeah, like, I mean, the one off would be yeah, like late too, if you want tower HARs, you know, speedster from Louisville transfer, who could, um, catch a couple touchdowns, Speaker 1 00:08:10 He could the guy to speak, right. He could be the guy this week. Speaker 0 00:08:12 So, so yeah, I mean, if, if you want any of those guys, one offs, um, but I mean, the bait offense is definitely one. You can't ignore on this slate, but let's get into some of the other guys, because I think for both of us, uh, they're BA's players are not like at our top of our list for at least for cash games, you know, locks. Um, but let's look at, uh, let's look at, back at the quarterback position. Um, just going down, like some of the names that are sticking out, Sam Hartman, Hendon hooker in the same price range on draft Kings. Um, and then a little bit further, further down, you got like KJ Jefferson, Sean Clifford, in that same spot. Um, and then further down like the six K range you got Clayton tune, Tyler van Dyke, Brennan Armstrong, all very solid plays in that mid-range. I think people are gonna be choosing between one of these guys for cash. Um, Hartman is at the top of the list, you know, coming back this week, medically cleared to play now, um, was a stud last year, dual threat guy. Yeah. So he'll probably be popular. And eight K is very, um, very, you know, perfectly fine for him. I'm good to pay that. Um, but I, you know, I'm wondering where you're going with your top quarterback, you know, in cash games this week. Speaker 1 00:09:28 Like my, like my heart wants to go Hartman my heart <laugh> my heart wants to go har I I've been a big Hartman fan. I was a fan of har me before last year. Uh, I was really excited last year with him and Don and green to green got hurt and, you know, then Hartman exploded with at Perry and all that. But I didn't, I didn't even think Hartman was even gonna come back to like the end of the year, if anything, what I was reading earlier. So I kind of just wrote him off, Speaker 0 00:09:56 Honestly, honestly, to be out a few more weeks. I thought that's Speaker 1 00:09:58 Yeah, that's what I thought. So I wasn't even thinking about him until I seen a report. I'm probably, I mean, I'm not gonna play him in cash. I wanna see him. I wanna see him a week. You know, my wanna see him get some, get his lays going a little bit. So of course GDP was likely like young. He could, he could totally Noke the slate. Definitely her Hendon hooker is my guy right now at seven eight. And I think mainly we all, we all know what hooker can do, but we seen he's going up against pit. He's always played. He's always played very well against Pittsburgh. When he was at Virginia tech, he played really good against him last year. He almost led Tennessee to a comeback victory. And that was pretty much the, the starting the beginning of the hooker, uh, love affair in Tennessee. Right. I think it's when he replaced Joe Milton I game. Speaker 0 00:10:46 Yeah. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:10:46 I think, I think it was. And then a guy like hooker gives, you know, a team like pit, a lot of problems. Uh, I know pit is concerned about the high tempo offense that Tennessee runs. Uh, you know, pit's been work, I've been reading a lot. Pit's been working a lot in practice, making sure they're in the right spots when the ball's snapped, because that was a major problem against West Virginia. And now when you have a quarterback like hooker in offense that moves quickly, that's gonna cause a lot of major problems for a defense that didn't do a good job last week, last Thursday, getting set. Yeah. So I could definitely see another game, big game from hooker. And we know, you know, especially when you're going against a team like pit at August funneled into the passing game and another big hooker game, I can, you know, I played him at Tillman last week. I could Def I could just go and play hooker actually naked this week really? Or you can play him with guy Tillman, but I have no problem playing hooker naked this week. He's probably right now, he's my top pay up. I would say I'm still like couple of them with cheaper guys, but hooker my top pay up. Speaker 0 00:11:54 Yeah. And this Tennessee pick game could go, you know, he, it could turn into like an offensive shoot, I think. Yes, Speaker 1 00:12:00 You can. Then I got, I got a feeling in may, too. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:12:03 And pit, I mean, they gave up 31 points last week to, uh, West Virginia and the pit defense was supposed to be their, their strength. Um, you know, losing picket from last year's team. I, you know, people thought their offense might take a step back, but yep. I mean, SLS, the offense looked pretty, pretty good last week. So I think SLS is, I mean go just, you know, sticking with SLS there, are he 6,800 also worth a look? I think, um, people won't, I'm Speaker 1 00:12:31 Not even Avis guy, but I think you're right. He's definitely worth Speaker 0 00:12:33 The look I haven't either. Yeah. And pit's trying to be more run heavy, um, you know, run, focus this year than they were last year. Definitely. Um, so I, you know, I wouldn't play Sovi, but you know, if we're talking about this game being a little back and forth, you know, offensive. Um, but I do like that. I like hooker and, and I'd probably play him over Hartman. I'm just a, maybe a little wary of Hartman and his first game back, Speaker 1 00:12:56 Me too. That's what I'm trying to say. Speaker 0 00:12:58 Yeah. That's like, and that's a big reason for it. I mean, I wanna roll him out there and by the way, I mean, it's worth noting that wake, I think became, I think they're currently as we're recording this like 12 and a half point favorites. Um, but it was, the spread was like seven and a half. So it, it really jumped up in their favor and the total even went up too. So it's, you know, it's a situation where, where Vegas is expecting Wake's offense to be much better with Hartman, you know, as expected, but they're not, mm-hmm, <affirmative> maybe not expecting him to be too limited. Um, but I think just in, in general with, you know, you can't really expect the same rushing production that we've seen from him in the past, but hooker is a guy for sure. He's gonna be, he's be giving you that, you know, looked great last week, running that offense, but all last year too. So yeah, I do like that hooker call, um, wondering how much less popular he'll be compared to Hartman though. <laugh> uh, just cause people hear that new noise and we just lock in har <laugh> Speaker 1 00:13:57 And I think, and I think that's, what's gonna happen too. And that's, what's probably pushing me on part and more. I said, I'm a huge har guy and I'll be playing him next the next next week. But I think this the week to kind sit back and see what happens and he could, like I said, he could, he could definitely N the slate. Yeah. But I'm taking a chance on hooker going back against Pittsburgh. He's got a history against him. It's always played well. And I think he's gonna be a little owned Speaker 0 00:14:18 Like that. Yeah. Um, I wanna talk to you about, uh, like Clayton tune verse versus, uh, Tyler van Dyke versus Brennan Armstrong for that matter. I think all these guys, um, in the six K range on draft Kings are all very much in play here as, as your super flex, um, for cash or GPP, any, any way you're leaning there. I think tune is gonna be popular because this game against Texas tech should be a shootout. I think, um, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you know, last week against U T S a, it was pretty much that, and, and tune, uh, had a big game, 30 about 35 draft Kings points, but, you know, had had, um, four total touchdowns. And I, I think, you know, Houston's offense didn't or defense didn't look that great. So I think Texas tech is gonna keep it back and forth and they're actually favored, uh, or Texas tech is. So I think, you know, this game is one that you can look at on both sides for DFS stacking purposes, but also just, you know, playing tune as a one off. Um, and we'll get to him in a second. But Nathaniel Dell is <laugh>, uh, this guy is, I don't know why he's six K on draft games, Speaker 1 00:15:26 Like guy tank, Dell, man Speaker 0 00:15:27 Tank Dell. I mean, the dude's a beast and I don't know, he had a good game last week, but draft King's priced down so whatever. Um, but I think that pairing is gonna be popular in cash. So, but you know, where you go, uh, tune verse van Dyke versus Brennan Armstrong, uh, all solid place. Speaker 1 00:15:43 No, I think you also got I'm on tune. I'm a Miami big Miami fan. So van and I, meanwhile, we're talking about Texas tech, you know, the Joey McGuire airs kind of out to a good start with, um, you know, with this Zach Kiley, you know, your guy there now, but I think, look what Donna Smith did, look what Donna and Smith did when he came in. Yeah. So, which I think, and now going back to Clayton tune, I think is gonna help Clayton tune big time, uh, last week. And I don't think Clayton tune I've seen Clayton tune live before I watched him. And I watched him clay, USF F USF, but I don't think he was that great last week. And he still went for, see 22 for 32 for 2 0 6, 3 touchdowns, no picks. Yeah, but what Houston in rushing 15 carries 51 yards in a touchdown <laugh> so the, you know, last season, the offense did start in Enwood tomb. Speaker 1 00:16:37 And he did. I mean, he, and he last year opened up, he opened up last year. A bunch of interceptions, I think was, I think he opened up against Texas tech last year and had like, he had like four interception game. Um, then he went six picks rest. I think he went through like six picks the rest of the year. So tune is my guy. Um, he's we had, you know, this after the big games we saw in play last year, he's at that price. I don't think you can. And I'm one thing I'm learned this year. I'm not worrying about who I think is chalk, who I thinks can be popular. I'm playing, who I think is the best place is that's what gets me in trouble. And right now I think tune at that phrase, whether he is popular or not popular or not, I'm playing Clayton tune a six, five, he's like the 1, 2, 3, 6, 9. He's like the, what? The 12th, 12th months expensive quarterback on a board. Speaker 0 00:17:22 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:17:22 I mean, so he's a lot, he's a lot for me. And, and even we go couple other guys, we get, we go down deeper. So tune's my guy and being Dyke. I just, you know, I'm pushing for Tyler van Dyke for Heisman. I just think he's, I, I think he's gonna be running all you gotta say is gonna win it. But, um, I think it's gonna be a good game for him against Southern miss. Last week, he had two touchdowns. He had 1 93 yards, no interceptions and Southern miss is not good. So he's Dyke. I mean, van Dyke is he shouldn't have to throw 30 more times for them to win, but he's time to get me done by the third quarter. But I think he's gonna be in there enough where, so I guess, can he put up four yards, I guess, Southern miss and throw three touchdowns. Yeah. Um, but I guess you probably might have looking at more like 200 yards at at least two touchdowns. And I'll take that though, too, especially in GPP. So tune cash, VDI GPP for me, if that Speaker 0 00:18:20 Makes sense. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Makes, makes a bunch of sense. I'm with you on tune. I, I love him and I mean, you're right. Like at a certain point you gotta stop worrying about, uh, chalk and, and who's popular and just play the guys you Speaker 1 00:18:31 Want not, I get myself in trouble a lot. Speaker 0 00:18:32 Yeah. Why fade a guy? Why fade, tune, if he thinks he's being popular, but you know, you just wanna play him cuz the price is crazy. So mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. I'm with you. Um, but yeah, van Dyke more GPP I think. And, and Brennan Armstrong too, I think is, you know, who the Illinois defense on the road is, is definitely tougher, but that game could end up being a sneaky, you know, DFS spot to target there. So he'll be like the under the radar guy, but always he Speaker 1 00:19:00 Will be. And I like his, I, I, when we talk about receivers, I like his, I like his receivers having more than him. Yeah. But he's implied. What do you think about this? What do you think about Tyler Buckner for Notre Dame? Speaker 0 00:19:13 He's Speaker 1 00:19:13 Kinda price. Well, he's, I guess he's a little bit cheap. He's a little bit different price range. Speaker 0 00:19:18 Yeah. He, I mean, he's at a spot, a price where it's like, you'd actually think about it, but in general, like Notre Dame, I mean maybe outside of like Ian book, um, cuz he actually gave you some rushing and stuff, but I, I feel like Buckner, I feel like in this game against Marshall, they're just gonna lean on the run. I don't know how many, like DFS points Buckner will give you. Honestly, I don't, I mean, maybe I'm wrong and he throws five touchdowns, but Speaker 1 00:19:42 No, I think you're right. He does run a little bit. I see ran six Speaker 0 00:19:45 Times. He does. Yeah. But he does run a bit. Um, I, you know, I, I just, I think I look at it and compare, you know, him to other quarterbacks and, and I would rather play, you know, like, like Clayton tune. So Speaker 1 00:19:59 No, I definitely agree with what, yeah. He's six K and one tune is no two. We are we're on right. Pricing is two, six. Speaker 0 00:20:05 Yeah. They're in the same range. I mean, honestly I'd rather play, um, I'd rather play the air force guy, Daniels, Hasek Daniels. I like, and Speaker 1 00:20:15 You said for the last couple years, Speaker 0 00:20:16 He's gonna give you the rushing arts, you know that, so <laugh> the floor there is really nice. Um, but now that we're in that range, I mean the guy that we you everyone's probably already thought about is Mike Wright from Vanderbilt. I mean, he's priced up on fando if you're playing on there. So it's not really, you can't really compare him. Um, and I wouldn't play him over some guys in that same price range on fan. Right. But, uh, but on draft King's 4 5400 is way too cheap. <laugh> <laugh> I mean, the guy has been, so Vanderbilt is just desperate for relevancy in the college football world and they're looking at right and just letting him run. I think they're gonna, you know, as a dual threat guy, like literally running, I think they're gonna let him just go and do his thing. Um, you know, wake, FARs, defense look suspect at times last year, we'll see if they improved it all this year. But I think this game against, you know, wake could be at a back and forth offensive game. Vanity's defense probably isn't gonna be good. They haven't really, they haven't played anybody yet, but um, I think they're gonna, it's gonna be back and forth. Wake's probably gonna get their point. So I just see right. Being a very safe $5,400 play. I mean the guy, he should be like at least seven K right. Priced up. I mean, compared what he did the first two weeks, Speaker 1 00:21:36 Definitely high sevens. And like you said, what he did and I actually, I just pulled up the first two weeks. He's been UN he's been unbelievable where yeah, he now he's the first Vany quarterback to throw four touchdowns in a single game. No, Kyle, since Kyle Schumer and now was like four years ago, but he's also the first, he, he, he, he broke another record. Oh, the first Vany player to account for six touchdowns in a single game. I mean, he's getting done every which way. And I think the floor is so high on him because of his legs. And they're gonna be playing from behind. Yeah. They have to score to keep up. And this guy's been, this guy's been like prolific the last, the last two weeks where, I mean, he's gonna be a household name buddy. End of the season where mostly people didn't know this kid was two weeks ago. No. Speaker 0 00:22:27 Yeah. Last year they let him run a little bit, but he was just kind of like Vandy was terrible. So no one watched. Um, Speaker 1 00:22:34 And right. Speaker 0 00:22:35 Yeah. But I mean, he was like, and it was like a lot of it came in like garbage time when Vandy was down like three or four touchdowns. So it's, you know, how much stock do you really put in a guy running around? Um, but we'll see, this is, this is his first test, you know, they played, uh, Hawaii and Elon and that's Speaker 1 00:22:52 My little worry, you know? Yeah. We saw what happened, you know, that happens. It seems to happen a lot with these chalky quarterbacks last week, the, the kid from Maryland, you know, I mean kind of crapped be on us, you know, he was very high own. So I think it's a little bit of dis different situation. But, um, I just, sometimes I get word when these guys are major talk, you know, because yeah. If they flop and if you're not on him, then you, you're gonna jump ahead a major part of the field once again, if you're not on him, if you know, if you're not on him and he goes off, but you probably will, then you'll screw two. So, uh, uh, he he'll be, he'll be my, he'll be my top cash quarterback, whether he is 90% on or not. I'm on, I've been on Mike braces day one. So Speaker 0 00:23:31 Yeah, I, yeah. I mean the, the he's way too cheap, he'll be popular in cash for sure. So, um, I think, you know, that's just that, like, you're talking about chalk and, and that might be chalk. You, you kind of have to eat. I mean, Speaker 1 00:23:43 I think so, Speaker 0 00:23:44 You know, he might, I mean, he'll be way and it'll allow you to pay up elsewhere running bags, receivers. So I, I mean, I like it. Um, any other quarterbacks you wanted to get to before we move on it? I know there was one cheap guy, uh, you might wanted to touch on, but I think like right is probably the cheapest. I'm willing to go on this slate, but, uh, I'm wondering what you want. Speaker 1 00:24:06 I remember last year on this show talking about Brandon Lewis for Colorado. Um, but, um, they're terrible, you know, who Speaker 0 00:24:12 Was terrible in week? Speaker 1 00:24:13 <laugh> he exactly. I think he had like one decent game last year and I was kind of, I was all over him. I remember one week and he, uh, he pre crapped out on me, but, um, cam ward from Washington state now I do have was him last week. He did not to me. He did not look good. He looked bad, but you know, remember this kid was one of the most intriguing portal pickup to the off season. Um, he came from incarnate ward where he, you know, he four like 4,700 yards, I 40, 40 now 47 touchdowns. And he came over with Eric Morris, you know, Eric Morris head coach. Now Morrison is the offensive coordinator for Washington state. And he came kind kind of a fanfare. And with me, if I see air raid offense, I'm playing him in DFS. So they run an air raid offense last year, they finished second to pack 12 and pass yards per game. Speaker 1 00:25:08 So it wasn't shaky debut, but I think Cameron ward is not, is in a decent spot this week. You know, he is got a couple decent receiv reasons. He's got odd, he's got scribbling. So of course I'm not playing him in, in a cash games, but playing Wisconsin, what's it a, uh, 40 it, a 49 game total. I don't like that, but, um, I don't like that at all, but still I like, um, I don't mind that. And I also, I have some interest in their running it back too, cause it's kind of a revenge game, but cam ward would be only one. I would take a dart on in some GPP. And I, besides that, I guess that's it. Speaker 0 00:25:45 Yeah, the ward, I mean's, uh, he's 4,900 on draftings is very cheap. So Speaker 1 00:25:50 I mean, you know, fill for a couple touchdowns or runs one in whatever it's, it's an air eight. Right. So Speaker 0 00:25:55 Yeah, I, no, I don't mind that at all. I guess, uh, I I'd be a little worried about playing Wisconsin on the road. Um, there sometimes their defense just is, is stifling to opposing quarterbacks and, and overall offenses. But, um, I mean the, the, the upside's there and people might not really consider him as much because of, you know, Mike Wright's price or, or, you know, playing other cheap guys on the slate that we'll get to. So, um, I think it's an option GPP super flex for sure. Um, alright, let's go to running backs. Um, you know, we talked about Jim Gibbs at the top of the price range on draft Kings. I think tough to play that in cash. Um, but right below him, you know, Sanders from Arkansas, Deewan from Kansas state, both get a really good plays this week, I think, um, and really good price points considering, you know, the, they could be priced higher and I'd probably still play, you know, like Dee Vaughn could be in the eight Ks and I'd still play 'em on this slate. Speaker 0 00:26:57 Um, I, I really like Vaughn I'll say that. I think he'll probably be, he'll probably be a popular play in cash. Um, but I, I just see this matchup against Missouri and I know how bad Missouri Missouri's rush defense was, um, last year. And I see it being a problem again. Um, I don't think they did much to fix it. So, you know, LA and last game they played, um, hood Missouri played last week. I'm blanking on it, but, um, oh, Louisiana tech, right. And, uh, Louisiana tech just didn't have the run game. They, they had switched quarterbacks halfway through the game. They did not really exploit that. And we can't really take anything from that to see if Missouri's rush defense actually got better, but I see Kansas state at home here. They're favored by a touchdown or more, I think they're eight and a half point favorites now. And I, I really like Vaughn in this situation. Um, I mean, do you like him compared to Sanders or, or the other guys, you know, BJA, Robinsons there, we didn't even touch on yet. Um, any guys, you know, in that top end of the, the running backs. Speaker 1 00:28:07 Yeah. What I'm right now I'm looking at in cash. Um, every single one of my lineup is gonna have deuce Vaughn, <laugh> Graham and Allen and chase brown. And I think they're gonna be all chalky. Yep. But first, I mean, I, the only problem with deuce, I hate, you know, he doesn't get, he doesn't get like 30 touches or whatever, but he's so active in that passing game. Um, seven straight 100 yard games, I think. So it's big play potential. So I think you gotta play deuce. Deuce is way too cheap at seven, six way too cheap. And then the, the one to brand brown, an Allen is just too cheap. And chase brown to me is just chase brown is just a complete stud. So all three of those guys, I think, have to be in my, in my cash signups. That's the way I'm looking right now. I, I, I, I don't think you can almost, I don't think you can go without those guys. I mean, I real, I really don't. I mean, I like rocket, rocket Sanders, some of his guys, but those three guys to me are, are the key to my whole lineup. Speaker 0 00:29:01 Chase brown at 6,400 is just very cheap for what he's done already this year. I mean, you, Speaker 1 00:29:08 You know, I'm a, I'm kinda Speaker 0 00:29:09 Put up 199 rushing yards last week against, uh, Indiana. And that was after 151 yards and two touchdowns the week before like, Speaker 1 00:29:19 Oh, with 350 yards on the season. Right. And my worry is, are they who's? Who is the guy last week, Oklahoma state, the running back, um, Warren, you know, they rode him and rode him then by like November, like he was gased out. And I do see some comments that Barry Barry Looney Jr. Was saying that they're not gonna be able to get away with running chase brown 36 carries every game, but they really like this week. They really don't. They really don't have anybody else because I don't think Josh Craig comes back until Speaker 0 00:29:51 Yeah. He's heard before Speaker 1 00:29:53 First buy week. Yeah. So they really don't. So they got to keep running this kid and he's, I mean, and, and he is a start. So, I mean, when you run ball 30, 35 times a game, I'm playing this guy when he is only seven K against Washington state. So, you know, wa Washington state is not gonna scare me. And it was last week, day. I mean, I different type of game. So I mean, the rush keeps don't think is horrible, but Bri, I mean, but, um, not I'm looking at, yeah, watch it. Wait, who do they, who do they, Speaker 0 00:30:25 They play, Speaker 1 00:30:27 I'm getting mix I'm, I'm looking at bra on Allen and chase brown at the same time, but whatever, I love both of em I'm, I'm playing all three of those guys on the cash line. Speaker 0 00:30:34 Yeah. I really like braille on Allen too. And he's another guy he's just gonna be getting fed the ball. Um, you know, they do have, uh, what Shema Lucy. Um, I dunno if it's SHA Malusi honestly, but I braille announced the dude, you know, as a true freshman, last year, he broke onto the scene and stole that he's Speaker 1 00:30:52 A beast. Right. Speaker 0 00:30:53 He stole that workhorse job from Wisconsin. People are like, saying, know, he's the next, you know, Jonathan Taylor next big Wisconsin running back to come out. Um, so yeah, Speaker 1 00:31:02 He doesn't get that many carries though. I have noticed that I think he's only had one, one game over 20 carries, but he always has that big breakout in every game. So he doesn't get to buy in like brown, but, um, Speaker 0 00:31:12 His yards per rush is, is crazy. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:31:15 Yeah, he's outta his world. I think to me, he's almost, he's almost a must play and you can, he can play around a lot. Other guys, just some good running back six week. But to me, those three came to the crop. Yeah. And I just know if I don't play on gonna really upset is when 'em gonna go off. So, um, they're my top three. Speaker 0 00:31:32 Yeah, no, I agree. Um, and uh, definitely all those guys, the playbook for sure. Um, the, the, the guys I wanted to ask you about, because I, I, I mentioned in the playbook, these guys, I have written up as possible GPP options. Um, if you're looking to, to fade some of the, these, these top guys, we just talked about Chris Tyre or Notre Dame is interesting. You know, Notre Dame's offensive looked terrible last week against Ohio state. Didn't really get anything going, especially on the ground, but Tyree's replacing Ky Kyron Williams is the lead back there 5,800 on draftings I think is very affordable for, you know, lead running back for, for a team that's gonna be favored by, you know, close to three touchdowns is Notre Dame this week against Marshall. Um, so just a situation where I think he could, he could go off for, you know, 20 plus draftings points for sure. Speaker 0 00:32:23 Um, it's just a matter of, like we said, with Tyler Buckner, if, you know, who's scoring those touchdowns and you know what the production's kind of like, but I feel like the, I feel like the Notre Dame run game might be leaned on in this one. Um, but there there's him. And then, then like comparing him to, you know, the Tennessee offense. Um, Jabari's small and Jalen Wright are both interesting, but like Wright is, is a lot cheaper, I think, than, um, than Jabari small. So I think like he's a guy that I'd be interested in 5,200 on draft Kings. Um, they're kind of a split backfield there. And, and if, if we're thinking that each one's gonna get you like last week, they, they both got around 15 touches and, um, right. Kind of outproduced them yardage wise, but basically similar DFS production and, and right's a lot cheaper. Speaker 0 00:33:13 So I think that's, that's like an interesting play to me. Um, and we were talking about that game potentially being a little higher scoring. Um, but then we, we have those two guys and then, uh, compared to, you know, like the Penn state backfield on this drafting slate is interesting to me. I actually did not write about any of these guys in my playbook, but this, I mean their big favorites of Ohio. And I could just see like, you know, whether it's Keon Lee or Singleton, just, you know, breaking off, uh, you know, a hundred yard game <laugh> so I'm working for GPP if you're leading any of those guys or anybody else in kind of that midrange. Speaker 1 00:33:51 Yeah. You all the guys you named I've actually been in my head. Yeah. Um, okay. So, so first Tyre, I, I like this matchup between this game, Chris Tyre versus Ethan Payne. Cause I think Ethan Payne and, and I think Ethan Payne and Marshall doesn't get respect either, but I think Tyree's got more opportunities to run the ball, obviously. Uh, so it's, I mean, he's got a lot, lot more opportunities to run against Marshall. This is gonna be of course, more of a chance open things up, um, than there was against Ohio state. Yeah. So, and we haven't seen what Tyre's really capable this year. Um, you know, he's got, but he's got nowhere, nowhere to go. But up after the Buckeyes, after Ohio state game, they kind of made him a non-factor. Yeah. And Speaker 1 00:34:38 He is, I mean, think he, he is, he is the man there. And so I, I do like him and GDPs I'll if I'm making, you know, 20 lineups, he's gonna meet a couple of my lineups. I like Ethan picking on the other side. I he's already got a couple touchdowns. Um, I think he's gonna be able to keep his production going. Uh, I guess Notre Dame, I think, um, I think if he plays like he did his first game and I think he's, um, he's a better, of course better offense, a better defense, but I think, um, I think Ethan, Payne's a good spot. Both got in that game. Nick, I'm a huge Nick Singleton fan and I am gonna make that prediction of he's this kid's a stud I think he's best freshman running back. I think they're finally gonna have that. They're finally after 17 games without a hundred yard rusher dating back to Michigan, then 2020, I think it's finally gonna be Singleton. Speaker 1 00:35:23 I don't think it's gonna be, I think, who, who was, I think it was, I think it was Kon Lee that did it, but I think he was gonna be the first guy since Kon Lee. I think it's gonna be, I think it's gonna be Singleton. It could be Allen, but, um, Singleton's a guy and he let Penn stay with carries last week. So I like him a lot. Definitely. And I like the Tennessee guys, three other guys, like, like, and these is once again, these are all like more punty guy, you know, like more like punt type guys, JRE Brock. Yep. Who's kind of took over for Bri hall, right? Yep. Um, think he's, he's not really the, the main back. I can't remember the guy's name, but he's, he's not playing. Um, but I think Brock's in a good spot. I think Gavin Williams is in a good spot for Iowa. He's back this week. He's playing mm-hmm <affirmative> um, Speaker 1 00:36:11 I think he, I think because Iowa's got a much better offensive line, it is more experiences this year. I think guy like Gavin Williams is kind of a downhill running style. He's not afraid of contact. He finishes, runs, and I was gonna do definitely more of emphasis on it, more of a consistent run game this year after kind of taking a step backwards last year. So I think between Williams and the other, um, Leshaun and Williams on the same team, I think they're both in good spots. So you brought some good names. And my last one is I have more of a gut feeling, but I kind of like Nik Watson because it's kind of a revenge game, Speaker 0 00:36:47 Revenge game Speaker 1 00:36:49 Going up against wa going up against Washington. I mean, against Wisconsin. Yeah. And I think that, you know, remember he, he didn't play much was didn't play much last year, but I guess Idaho 134 total yards. So he had, I mean, career best 1 17, 18 attempts caught two passes for 17. So I could definitely this kid, this kid with this kid was a three star, you know, he's a very physical running back. So I kind of, I like Watson as kind of like my sleeper. So there's some, there's a lot of guys, my, my Miami guys, he got Henry Parrish and Speaker 0 00:37:25 Back. Speaker 1 00:37:27 So I, and I like Jaylan night and bettered in Parrish, I could see Jaylen Knighton now been decent game and one more's Speaker 0 00:37:36 He's Speaker 1 00:37:37 What's Speaker 0 00:37:37 That? So night's back. He like, he's gonna play this week. He sat that last game. Speaker 1 00:37:41 Yep. I believe. Yeah. And I believe he's playing this week, so I think night's in a really good, so he's not soon, he's not any kind of a pitch count. Yeah. I think you've had ton of value. Um, I'm just afraid, you know, if you only sees like, you know, eight, eight to 10 touches. Yeah. But at five three, if we get 15 touches out of them, um, Jay, a Knighton could actually be another one thats sleep. Speaker 0 00:38:03 Yeah. Uh, he was a guy that got kept going back and forth on cause I was like, all right, Miami's big favorites. You know, Knighton should be the guy anyway over par. Right. Definitely. You know, like even playing field, you, you pick night and over par, but um, last week par the huge game and people might look to that and just play him off of that. Um, which I think would be a mistake because night's back, but who knows how much nighting even plays. So that's, that has me a little bit worried about that situation. Um, Speaker 1 00:38:31 Oh, that's, I mean, I can't, I'm not be yeah. Put my whole on, you know, I mean, if I'm said, if I'm making 20, I'm gonna have night and one, what's your thoughts. I'm gonna ask you a question now, what's your thoughts on Rahe Sanders? Because I think with, with Don Johnson out, I think we got a be Cal situation there. Speaker 0 00:38:48 Yeah. He Speaker 1 00:38:49 Put like 90% of snaps last week, 20 and 25 of the carries he got. Um, so we know he doesn't get, the problem is he's priced. He's priced up there like a bill cow at seven nine. I know, but is he, they put up a lot of yards against Cincinnati, so I'm going back and forth on, on, you know, on rocket and Sanders when I had those other guys cheaper. But I think he may another, one's gonna be low owned because the Allens, the VAs and chase Browns around him. Speaker 0 00:39:17 Yeah, no I'm with you. And I like Sanders. I got him in the playbook as well. I mean, he, so he it's him and KJ Jefferson who just ran the ball a ton last week between the two of them. I mean, they, they dominated the carries in that backfield. Um, and Arkansas is just gonna lean on both of them, I think all year with, with, uh, trail on Smith, gone and, and trail on BES from last year gone. So I feel like that the offense is gonna be them too. Um, until they find, you know, they got some new pieces. So until they find like a liable receiver or, you know, right. Like you said, uh, Johnson, if he returns, um, and is looking good, but I feel like they're gonna try to hit, bring him back just a little bit slower. Um, so I feel like this game could be one where they lean on Sanders. Speaker 0 00:40:00 Again, you know, 20 carries last week against Cincinnati, um, and South Carolina. I mean, they didn't, who'd they play last week. It was, um, Georgia state and they actually gave up a ton of rushing yards and didn't look great on the ground, a against Georgia state. So if that's the case, then on the road here at Arkansas, I could see, I could see it being a long day for, you know, if you got just standards and Jefferson going, right. You know, back to back, um, splitting the work again. So, and, and like, we didn't even touch on him, but Jefferson's an interesting guy because of his brushing work. And I feel like they're gonna use him more in that role this year compared to, yeah, we did it last year, but maybe just a little bit more this year with, you know, no more, uh, trail on BES there. Like I said, they're, they're top Playmaker and trail on Smith. We played a huge role last year, too. So, Speaker 1 00:40:46 Um, and that's, I told <inaudible> and I think KJ Jefferson every week is not gonna get a lot of fanfare and every week you're gonna be top all next week saying, I'll go a week. He had, so Speaker 0 00:40:56 He, he, yeah. And him, he's like a, he's gonna get overlooked on this slate because all the other court wrecks we talked about, but he's gonna give you, I think, a solid floor. Yep. Speaker 1 00:41:05 Seems like that happened. That happened every week, last week, too last year, like, Speaker 0 00:41:08 Yeah. Um, but yeah. Do like Sanders since he's priced up, like, I can't play him over Dee Vaughn, you know? Um, like if we're just comparing them to in the same price range on draft things. Exactly. Speaker 1 00:41:21 Yep. That's why, yeah. That's why I have him down a bit. Speaker 0 00:41:23 People will overlook him their slate for sure. But he'll probably be a fine play <laugh> Speaker 1 00:41:28 Yep. Agree. Speaker 0 00:41:29 Yeah. But I do like all your cheap running backs for sure. And one guy that you didn't mention, I'll just throw out is, uh, is Shrader Cody Schrader from Missouri. I mentioned him in the playbook last week when he was min, he was like almost mid price. And, and he was the guy you ended up being the main guy from Missouri. I mean, they got, they got so many guys Laja young, uh, Nathaniel, Pete all gonna be split in work, but you know, Shrader was a guy, you, he got some hype in camp and, and he led the backfield and touches last Speaker 1 00:41:55 Week. He, the two guy, right. He's the one that came from like Truman state or something. Right. That was the guy, the, Speaker 0 00:42:00 I didn't know where he is from. Speaker 1 00:42:01 Honestly think Truman state. He was like stud there and there was two <laugh>. Speaker 0 00:42:04 All right. Well then there you go. Um, but he, so he, yeah, so he, but he's still cheap on draft. Kick's 4,200. So still. Yep. Yeah. So I think he's worth a look. Um, but you know, underdogs to Kansas state people probably won't go back to there. Um, Speaker 1 00:42:18 No, he's gonna be very low on good call. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:42:21 Um, alright, let's go to receivers. Um, so we touched on the bait guys at the top end though on draft king slate. Um, I think Cedric, Tillman's gonna be popular for Tennessee. We, you know, we talked about, um, hand in hooker being a great play too. So that pairing is, is very nice, even Tillman as a one off is great. Um, and I Smith from Texas a and M had a good week last week and always gonna be a top guy, the Texas, a and M guys. I wouldn't even talk about any of these guys yet. Um, I just, I'm so wary to play them. You know, they're always big favorites, but their games are usually on the lower scoring end. So it's, it's, it's always, and, and like last week we saw Devin a chain, uh, not do much, but Anai Smith had that huge game. Speaker 0 00:43:05 And then this week it could be, you know, the other way around. So, you know, I'm always, I'm going back and forth on whether I wanna play any Texas, a and M guys. And maybe when they're in a, you know, a closer game I would, but I don't know, I'm not going with Smith this week. Um, but, uh, Isaiah Williams is interesting from Illinois. I think, you know, going against Virginia's bad defense from last year. I don't think they got that much better from last year. So, uh, he's an interesting guy, maybe priced up a little too much for my taste, but, um, people are looking at him at, at Perry 6,900 great price, uh, you know, talking about the, the Bama guys, Holden at 6,800. Great, um, Xavier worthy is sitting there at 6,700. I don't think many, many people will play him going against Bama, but obviously you could go off for, you know, just getting a ton of targets and, and catches in that matchup, um, of this, of this top end range. Uh, what's your favorite player to, Speaker 1 00:44:05 That's fine. Don't like these 14 game slates, cuz there's too many guys that, but um, yeah. I, I agree. There are too many guys there is. I agree with anus Smith. I'd drive, drop him down a little bit. I'm not all in on him. Yeah. Um, you got miles. Well miles price, I guess, mile price out there. I don't mind. I don't mind miles price. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:44:22 I didn't mention him. Yeah. Speaker 1 00:44:23 He's there. I mean, I, we mentioned, we made, we mentioned tank Dell and tank Dell was probably Speaker 0 00:44:29 Yeah. Six cases. Speaker 1 00:44:30 Number one. Receiver. Yeah. Yeah. So I guess I'm dropping now a bit, but I like, I like Dell in tune. Um, yeah. And last week, you know, he, he got the team and catch his five if 50 receiving yards, two touchdowns. Um, he's just stud. So I like him. I mean, I think Burton's little bit too expensive. I would rather go Toon Holden, if I'm gonna go that way. You know what I mean? But Burton's always in definitely a play. I'm not gonna AR somebody about him. I AR somebody. Awesome. Um, but up in that higher range, who in my, now I like the Virginia guys. I like Don Tian Ws, but I'm also plow. We end up dropping down to a guy, um, like the, like the Davis kid, um, Laurel LA Davis, LA Davis. He's, you know, he's like six, seven Speaker 0 00:45:17 He's way too Speaker 1 00:45:18 Cheap. First time last week he was out with ACL last year. So he's back. Yeah. So he's, I would probably play him even though I do like Wix, Speaker 0 00:45:25 He, he should not be 3,500. That's just a joke. Speaker 1 00:45:28 No, definitely. That's a definitely choice. So, um, I like the, the Penn state guys. I know I'm here. There's a lot of talk this week about Parker. Washington's gonna get the ball again and all that, but should get the ball again. But I think Mitchell tin Tinsley really is the guy. Um, Speaker 0 00:45:48 He is yeah. Speaker 1 00:45:49 Tinsley and Clifford have been roommates now since the spring time. So they're obviously close. Um, we saw what, you know, we saw what happened last week, where Tinsley, he was number one target last week, seven for 87, 84 1 while Parker, Washington. And, and Lamber combined for 6 88 1. So I, I would go right back to Tinsley again this week. Then they threw to boy 50% of time. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so what it there's, there's a lot of guys at period, but I'd rather, probably go Don and green. Cause that's my guy. Um, you know, up there, Cedric, Tillman's up there. I mentioned, I guess mentioned Cedric Tillman too. I think a lot of it comes down to who, who you gonna play your quarterback? Like if I play tune, I'm probably gonna play Dell. I, I don't need to play the, the Tennessee guys. So I think I can play hooker naked, but, um, mm-hmm, Speaker 1 00:46:34 <affirmative>, there's, I'm, I'm kind of babbling now, but there's, there's a lot. I mean, there, there's a lot of ways. There's a lot of ways to go. And a lot of guys, I, I like, and then I, you know, why I made like, I, most of, lot of all of them, I dropped on a little bit, but, uh, germ Bradley, I think 5k. Yeah. I think Zach Kiley's office can now support two receivers. Um, this kid had two touchdowns last, 108 yards and, um, him and that him, him and, um, Ji. They were unstoppable last week. Speaker 0 00:47:04 I know. So Speaker 1 00:47:05 I like Bradley's price of 5k. I think you can make a, you can make a pretty damn good lineup, but all these, these, all these five K guys, you know, you, you really, this there's some really decent prices down there starting with, starting with a guy like, like jar, like jar Bradley. Speaker 0 00:47:20 Yeah. The Bradley calls. Good. Um, and he's yeah, he's too cheap at 5k considering what he did last week. Um, Speaker 1 00:47:27 Exactly. We didn't mention thaw Holden. I mean, we did earlier in the show, but Trish on Holden's right there. Speaker 0 00:47:33 Yeah. There's, there's a lot of value on at receiver. Um, similar to quarterback and running back for that matter, but there's a lot of value at receiver. The one guy, this guy, Speaker 1 00:47:43 Kid Houston, Speaker 0 00:47:44 What? Speaker 1 00:47:44 This kid from Houston? This, uh, Matthew Golden. Speaker 0 00:47:48 Yeah. He was weeks. Yeah. Had him in the playbook last week and he didn't exactly come through. Um, right. He only, he only had two catches, but he's, he should not be 4,300. He's you know, a top. Speaker 1 00:47:58 I think you're gonna see a better week this week from him too. Yeah. Cause he was like a coach's favorite all Springs. So I, I, I met, I mentioned, I saw you, I saw you had him in the playbook. So, um, I, I didn't think too many people run him. That was a good call even though he didn't have a great game though. I think it was a good call. Speaker 0 00:48:10 There's a couple guys in the playbook that, um, from last week that I, you know, didn't totally go off, but like will probably this week, of course, um, golden is Speaker 1 00:48:18 One that's Speaker 0 00:48:19 Always happened. Matt lands from Arkansas transferred from Tolio didn't really do a ton, but he, you know, he's a guy that you gotta keep an eye on, I think. Um, but yeah, there's there, there's a couple guys there. The, so the trade off Tinsley calls. Great. I like that one. He's the guy at Penn state for me. Um, if, if you want to go, the Penn state receiver? Um, the, the one I wanted at bring up. Oh yeah. Uh, is Notre Dame, Michael Meyer for whatever reason. He's 3,900 on draftings <laugh> Speaker 1 00:48:52 And, and he didn't, he didn't have, and I guess maybe because he didn't have that great of a game last week, but still, I mean, Speaker 0 00:48:59 If you just look at the, at the pricing for all the Notre Dame receivers, he is fifth, uh, highest, and he's the best guy in that re that past catching room. He's a tight end, but he's the be their best receiver? Um, five, I mean, he had five catches last week against Ohio state. He's gonna have four or five catches at least I think every week. I mean, the, they, they don't have Avery Davis anymore. They're I feel like buckers just gonna lean on him. Um, you know, there there's the blowout potential with this, this game against Marshall. So it's tough to fully just lock him in, but I think 3,900 is just laughably cheap. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:49:37 No, it it's. You're right. It's definitely cheap. And, and I think there was a bunch of, I think there was a bunch of hidden stuff in there too, because his targets were there. His route runs were there. Yeah. Let me see if he had eight targets played 40. Speaker 0 00:49:50 I mean, the dunes are studs. Speaker 1 00:49:53 He's not a lock. If you lock this guy in at three nine, you could get your three running backs in and Speaker 0 00:49:59 You, I wouldn't, I wouldn't blame him if you did. I mean, the other guy, the other guy could look at a tight end is train Knox from Arkansas. He's 4,100, Speaker 1 00:50:08 I think train knocks. Good spot too. Yeah. Speaker 0 00:50:10 He's way too cheap too. I mean, I don't understand. Speaker 1 00:50:13 <laugh> big kid. He's a big kid and Knox is guy like his hands. He's not like wide receiver hands. Yeah. And, um, I saw he had actually had the highest, the, the pro football focus. He had their highest receiver grade in week one among all the sec tight ends. So NOx is gonna go right under the radar too. Speaker 0 00:50:32 Yeah, for sure. Yeah. He's yeah, he's cheap. Um, and then the last guy I wanna mention I'll have him in the playbook, but, uh, the tight end for Texas, uh, Javion Sanders is mid price three K and he caught six passes last week was looked like to be a favorite for Quinn yours. I mean, he, he did more than Xavier worthy. I mean, it was a, it was a blowout win, but, um, I feel like, you know, you know, just think about like a tight end, bigger target underneath throws for, for yours in, in this game where he is gonna be trailing against, uh, Bama. I could see him easily catching a few more passes, paying off that price tag. So, I mean, he might get lost in the weeds with all the other value, but <laugh> Speaker 1 00:51:14 No, I think that's, I think it's a really good call. You got guys like Michael Meyer, was it LA Davis? Uh, yeah. Speaker 0 00:51:20 People are gonna be playing them over Sanders Speaker 1 00:51:22 Sanders. Sam. We did mention Sam a porch is like three, three. Yeah. I mention Ali earlier. He's cheap. Um, Speaker 0 00:51:31 You, he, like you said earlier, there's too much value to really, to really pick one guy or two guys it's Speaker 1 00:51:38 Yeah, this is a lot of multi entering, but I, I I'm like gonna slight more and more and more look at it. Yeah. Uh, I think you, and I think you could pretty much get anybody you want cause there's enough value to fill it out. Yeah. You know, you put a line together and Mike with Mike Mayel Davis and you're, you're pretty, you're pretty well set. You don't need, you don't need to be playing the Cedric Tillmans. Some of these guys, you really Speaker 0 00:51:59 Don't. Yeah. You don't. Um, on that note before we wrap up, um, one of the thing I wanted to start doing every week was you and me just going through quickly and putting together a GPP lineup. Um, just from, from guys we mentioned, but maybe some guys we didn't, but just for, for, you know, not like an example line for people to put in there, you could put it in. I doubt it wins, uh, any tournament out there, but we talked a lot about some of the cash guys, but I think me and Pete were just gonna go through. So, uh, looking back at quarterbacks, I mean, are they, you, you definitely wanna put in this lineup or do you wanna start at a different position? Where do you Speaker 1 00:52:34 Go? No, I, yeah, let's start at quarterback because that's usually I'm who I think for me personally, um, if I'm going GPP, I'm probably I'm of course. I, I got, I gotta, you know, go cocaine. I gotta go. I'm gonna look at like a van Dyke to me. It's it's either van Dyke hooker or kg Jefferson. Speaker 0 00:52:56 I said, I say van Dyke. I like that call. Speaker 1 00:52:58 All right. Tyler van Dyke quarterback, Speaker 0 00:53:01 And then we could do it. The Superflex we could roll out, um, cam ward. Speaker 1 00:53:09 Yeah. Speaker 0 00:53:10 4,900. Speaker 1 00:53:11 Yeah. All came. I think he's obviously have a better game than he had last week. A second week air raid offense. Speaker 0 00:53:18 Yeah. All right. Running backs. Um, you know, a lot of ways you can go for GPP. Um, Speaker 1 00:53:28 Yeah. And we have, we have money to play with too. So if we're doing GDP P um, Speaker 0 00:53:32 We could roll Gibbs or Sanders. Speaker 1 00:53:34 I was gonna say, I say, start with GI, start with Gibbs or Sanders. We didn't even really mention Gibbs and running it back. We did, I guess I'd start. Yeah. But, um, let's go, let's go Sanders. Because if, if we're, if I'm assuming, if I'm assuming that, um, I'm assuming the other running backs out. What's his name? Um, Johnson. Tom Johnson. Speaker 0 00:53:54 Yeah. Yeah. Let's do that. Um, and then what about like Singleton? You wanna go Singleton from Penn state? You Speaker 1 00:54:05 Talking about my guy? Yeah. Maybe he'll break out a be first hundred yarder. Speaker 0 00:54:08 He, I mean, he could have a big game Speaker 1 00:54:09 Game. Oh, definitely. Yeah. He gets a stunt. Speaker 0 00:54:13 Should we go with a third running back for the flex or you wanna wait and go to receiver first? Speaker 1 00:54:17 Let's yeah, let's go receiver first and see who we, who we have. Speaker 0 00:54:23 I think, um, we don't really need a pair. Any receivers, right? Um, Speaker 1 00:54:28 No, I don't think so. We probably have a bunch. I, we probably have a bunch. I was probably have a bunch of money left too. What, what do we have per per player left? We Speaker 0 00:54:37 Got 6,200 per, Speaker 1 00:54:38 Per player. Um, you don't hook up. Speaker 0 00:54:41 Oh, we could go up with, we could go up to, um, some of these, you know, like, uh, you know, like, like Holden for Bama. We could go, we could go at Perry for wake. Um, we could go Tillman, Speaker 1 00:54:58 Go Tillman. Didn't have a good week last week. So let's go Tillman. Let's let's run Tillman Speaker 0 00:55:02 By himself. Yeah, I like that. And then, you know, we, we still got, uh, 5,800 for three per spot for three, with three spots left. So I think we could go, let's just go. I wanna go down to one of these cheap receivers cuz we can get one of these guys in that'll really open things up. Um, you know, do you wanna do Lael Davis? We were talking about him earlier. Speaker 1 00:55:30 Yep. Well Lael Davis may leave is too much money in, in Speaker 0 00:55:33 The, we got seven K per per player. I mean this, this line could do really well, honestly. Um, Speaker 1 00:55:39 Yeah, if, if you run lave Davis, we got one more, one more receiver left. We got, Speaker 0 00:55:44 Cause we got one more receiver and one more, um, flex. I mean we could, we could even put, you know, like we could put GIS in there and Speaker 1 00:55:52 Put, put GIS in the flex. How much money do we have left for receivers? Speaker 0 00:55:55 We got 5,300 Speaker 1 00:55:57 And then boom. Speaker 0 00:55:58 Then we could do, Speaker 1 00:56:00 I would, I would be looking at like, I would be looking at like guy, like to me, a guy like J Bradley or Speaker 0 00:56:06 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:56:07 So we're Speaker 0 00:56:08 <laugh> yeah. Evan Stewart is interesting. Bradley's good. Let's just do Bradley. I mean, uh, I don't mind leaving money on the table. Speaker 1 00:56:16 Yeah. I like Bradley. You leaving 300 bucks on the table. Speaker 0 00:56:18 Let's go, everyone put that lineup in when, when some money this weekend Speaker 1 00:56:21 <laugh> you go actually like it, Speaker 0 00:56:24 Just give us a, just give us a tip. How about that? Speaker 1 00:56:27 If you go two cheap quarterbacks, you can get a lot done and Speaker 0 00:56:30 Right. Speaker 1 00:56:31 And you can definitely go two cheap quarterbacks and Speaker 0 00:56:33 You can even, Speaker 1 00:56:34 You can Speaker 0 00:56:35 Mix and match some of these guys. I mean, if you don't, if you don't want to play, you know, single 10, you can go with a different guy in that price range. So Speaker 1 00:56:41 This is one of the better, honestly, this is one of the better weeks I've seen in a while. I mean, you could get hurt in these weeks cause we don't have a lot of data, but um, this could be to me this one of the funer weeks of building lineups, I think. Speaker 0 00:56:53 Yeah. Speaker 1 00:56:54 A lot of different parts and a lot of different price ranges you can go. Speaker 0 00:56:57 Yeah. All right. Well that, that all does it for us. Um, we appreciate you guys all watching, listening, um, go check out the, the, the playbook online for fantasy um, for the main slate for the night slate that we'll both be covering. Um, we'll be doing this every week and if you like this, uh, this, this video, if you're watching on YouTube, shoot a like, um, remember to subscribe to fantasy alarm, the, the all pro subscription, you could play NFL DFS college football, DFS. I know me and Peter are both doing that too. So, um, yeah. Any, any final thoughts on the slate, Pete or, uh, you're just ready to get outta here. <laugh> Speaker 1 00:57:37 No, I actually, like I said, I actually like to slate. I do. Um, Speaker 0 00:57:39 It's a great slate. There's a lot of there's a lot of ways you can go. Speaker 1 00:57:42 That's usually my kiss of death though, but, uh <laugh> Speaker 0 00:57:45 Well, no what's gonna happen is, is come, uh, Sunday morning. You're just gonna be kind of looking back and being like, you know, I was gonna play this guy, but I didn't. And Speaker 1 00:57:55 I went through that with MLB last night. So, um, there you go. I'm, I'm very good at that, but no, I think it's a good, I do. I think it's a good slate and I, the slight slate, you're gonna have a lot of fun on because you can pretty much make any of the lamp you want. You're not gonna be pigeonholed. Yeah. Like it Speaker 0 00:58:09 All. Yeah. All right. Well, appreciate you guys. Uh, checking us out and, uh, and good luck this week. Speaker 1 00:58:14 All right. Thanks guys. Good luck.

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